Friday, December 12, 2008


So after searching through so many ads on Craigslist.... i was able to find a new place for 3 nights until I move into the studio.... and i gotta say... it is nice.... this guy who is from Maui was here for business but it got cut short so I got a decent deal. Yeah it's a lot more expensive than the hostel $24 a night but what can I expect in a touristy area. So for $85 a night I got this place for 3 nights. Really nice... kitchen, shower, 2 beds.... pretty sweet. It's on the 24th floor of this building.

Things seem to moving on and I actually expected it to take longer to get settled in respect to living arrangements. Yeah it's still temporary but it works. I'll probably have to move towards the valley after a month to find something more suitable and get out of the tourist area. Depends on the work I find though.

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