Thursday, December 11, 2008


so i'm not really sure how this openess is working... if anyone would rather not have me post something personal let me know... like i said my life's an open book now... or at least i'm working towards that.... so i'm going to be posting my thoughts in general... it'll probably die down a bit as it goes on... just like anything else that swings wildly to the extremes... it kinda just settles.... my old self would completely disagree with what i'm doing... even though that sits in the back of my mind... i'm still moving forward... and seeing how new things work.... anyway....

on another note... the stock market is doing good other than yesterday.... which irionically is bad.. i invested in some stocks that short the S&P when it was at about 830 or so.... i think it will go lower but have not been has highy involved in the market recently.... so if anyone has advice... and think that the trend is upwards at this point... let me know so i can save myself some cash... otherwise i think it'll go lower and stay in until it hits a trough.... and make some money.... we're still in a recession but even when the market rises were still in a recession until we hit some point that is often calculated by some financial guys in hindsght.... so i don't know if it will continue to go down.... keep mind... i'm thinking short term in investment... any sound insight is appreciated...

hawaii life: so this hostel experience... not so great... i find that most of the people who stay in here are a bunch of bums.. i'm better than that... one guy has been in the hostel for about a year and is completely miserable or so it seems... others are just bums.... which is there call but i'm better than that.... hence why i'm getting out and not just enjoying the weather... i can't completely understand the stereotypical hawaiin mentallity yet... and i've said that all you need is to get by and save a bit in my new mentality but that's not true... there's some middle ground that i'm searching for where i can be happy and relaxed.... a mix of old and new....


  1. hi dave! glad to hear you're doing ok. i'm jealous that you're in hawaii. soooo, i may have something that will get you out of that hostel. email me -

  2. Dave! You're doing what I've always thought about doing but never had enough balls to do.

    This is Tim btw, just in case my name shows up weird. I'm very much intrigued by the journey you've just embarked on. I'd say more, but then I'd probably get emo.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    - Tim