Friday, December 19, 2008

2nd Friday

No real news lately.... I didn't start my job today. Something came up with my boss so I'll be starting Monday.

Bought a bicycle for $100 to get me around. I think it's a good investment and will save me time. Right now I have plenty of time walk around but I know later I'll need to get around quicker. So yesterday I walked around Diamond Head.... they have some really nice houses along the beach there... probably in the millions of dollars range... but they were really nice. I'll post some pictures later on in the day.

Other than that I think i'm getting sick... sore throat... how do i get sick in this weather? I think it's cause I blasted the AC the other night. Usually when I sleep, I don't wake up if I'm uncomfortable and too cold... not sure why I don't but its always been like that. Anyway... off to get some lunch...

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