Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Okay. So I know some of you are going to worry and others are going to think, "yeah... i'm not surprised he's doing something like that." So since I have an extended weekend for the 4th of July, I'm gonna be backpacking a bit along the North and East coast of the island. It's gonna be a 3 day 80 mile walk and I'm gonna be camping out on the beaches. It seems like a great way to see the shores. I still haven't seen a good sunset or sunrise either because I'm on the South side. It's always covered by the mountains.

For those of you who are worrying. First off, at any moments notice I can call a cab or take a bus back. The coast is covered with places to eat and stay.... a lot of coastal residential areas... touristy places... so it's not like I'm away from civilization. I'm just choosing to sleep on the beach and walk. I know... why? It's a different way to experience the island. Third, if I don't make my daily quota of miles, well I don't make it. I end the trip whereever I end on sunset on Sunday. Also my phone will work the entire time and I'll probably be charging it in certain places where I can find a coffee shop. I have my home made first aid kit already (thanks mom for taking care of all my scrapes and bruises as I kid... now I know what I need).

So I figure Friday will be light.. and I'd like to settle in Sunset Beach or little more northeast for the sunset. I'd really like to face East when I sleep so I can catch the sunrise. That might be a bit tough but I'll figure something out. Then Saturday will be a long day... hopefully I can make it to Kailua since I'm a little more familiar with it but I think I need to go past it so I can finish the trip on Sunday. I think Sunday is gonna be a straight walk for as long as I can. It'll be a bit tough... but once again... no pressure if I don't make it all the way around.

Below is a link for Google maps of the route I plan on taking.


Monday, June 29, 2009


So Friday night... saw Transformers and also a documentary called Fuel. Transformers in Imax... disappointing... Fuel was actually interesting. A documentary on biodiesel fuel, alternatives to fossil fuel, and generally conserving the environment. Opened my eyes momentarily. It's hard to be conscious of it during day to day activities. Plus I don't consume fuel directly. I digress...
After that... got back to my place and couldn't sleep.... slept for an hour and woke for no good reason... tossed and turned for another 2 hours before deciding to get up and go out... where to? what's open? well the beach... maybe i need some fresh air, the sound of the ocean would probably help me sleep, but i need a sleeping bag or something... off to walmart... left without a sleeping bag... it would be too warm... bought a straw mat instead... like the one I had at home but significantly less durable and smaller (well maybe it's cause I only used it as a kid)... off to waikiki... went to Duke's statue where i waived hi to a friend via the live webcam they have over there... then chilled on the beach til about 6 am. That's where the picture is from. Interesting night... peaceful beginning to another day....

New blog

Okay so i'm starting a new blog about restaurant reviews in Hawaii... www.feasthawaii.blogspot.com Just about the smaller places. Hoping that it will be a guide to any mainlanders with a similar taste.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

catching up

Haven't posted in awhile... sorry for anyone who is looking for updates on my blog. So Hawaii's still absolutely amazing. My friend took me up to Waimaea Bay and we went snorkeling. I followed this turtle around for a bit. It was about 2 feet long... just interesting to watch. My friend was more interesting to watch... she's like a mermaid... really entrancing to watch. I tried to follow her periodic dives to explore the sea floor about 8 -12 ft down. Didn't realize how much of a challenge it was.

What else since? Hurt my back about a month ago jumping into a waterfall at about 30 ft. Much better now... though still some lingering back pain. Time to go to the docotr. Miss my coworker/friend who left for Massachusetts at the beginning of June. He was like a big brother in some respects... showing me around the island.

Got a moped from my friend who left for the mainland... so much fun... it's so convenient and just fun to zip around... need a motorcycle.. unfortunately today... i must of dropped my keys around my moped at work. I came back 2 hours later... trying to retrace my steps to find my keys.. and yes my moped is gone... as well as my office keys., apartment keys, and of course the moped keys.... filed a report... hoping for the best... but no worries.... i can get around still... probably better for my health cause I got really lazy with the moped.... i'm 2 blocks away from my job and i take a moped.... so much fun though.... a bit darty right now... had a few drinks... had some good conversation with people at the bar... this girl from Michigan who was a competitive skier... just talking about where we've been... the best the worst.. miss the snow....

i'll post some pics soon.... the shore, the mountains, some more trails.... think i need an SLR camera though... the point and shoot can't really capture hawaii... but then again no picture can... take care everyone... gnite.. if you're reading... mom, dad, Al love you all....