Monday, December 15, 2008


So it's Monday.... i always hated Mondays... back to work.... not so bad this morning though. Yes, I have to take care of things, find a job possibly a mode of transportation. I just spoke to someone in a physical therapy office and am going to meet him. I feel a bit under dressed (shorts and a tee shirt) but he is only available now. Irionically his name is Mike as well. Doesn't sound anything like Mike Botti though. It's a part time job and that will give me something to do and a temporary partial income. Decent start. Considering getting a moped... you don't need a special license and they are relatively cheap... not sure if i need it though... maybe just a bicycle... or i'll just use the bus ($40 for a monthly bus pass). I never really relied on the bus back home... it really is a luxury to have a car.
Moved into the new place... i'll post some pics later. What a downgrade from the prior place.... but... we have to pick our battles. Some random pics from Hawaii.
Dad... thank you for the advice and insight... i hope you feel better as time moves on and you get acquanted with the change. Take care.

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