Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So where to start... just doing some thinking. I think I've always argued on the slightest of things about the relevance of necessity in making any decision. When it comes down to it... you really don't need much in life. Just the bare necessity for survival. It's funny but last week was all about just necessity... securing a place to stay. It was simple and gratifying. Nothing else really mattered except where I was going to stay the next day. Maybe that's why I enjoyed it despite the actual conditions. Of course let's not forget finances which is something I did not have to worry about at that time.
But even as I think this... I'm realizing it's not true. I often advocate people to do whatever they want... that nothing else matters... as long as you understand the consequences and can accept it.. and even if you don't... at least that you know you may be risking a lot of the unforeseen. I've said it and lived it when I make a ridiculous purchase just cause or go over board on a night out and I've advised people to do the same. Isn't that what life is about? Just doing things that make you happy? Even if it is for a moment, isn't it worth it? Unfortunately I have a horrible memory and don't recollect many events vividly. I tend to remember just this overall view of things and not necessarily if I enjoyed it or not but what happened unless of course if it is extreme. Only concrete facts rather than emotion.... and even those I don't remember. So then does it even matter to be impulsive and just do things in the moment? I mentioned before that a person had to just find more happy moments but if I don't remember them then it wouldn't make sense. I guess you still have to play the numbers game so you have a chance at more memorable moments. Ideally I think it's better to have a higher percentage of happy moments rather than just a high volume. It's all relative and we are all constrained to time so it shouldn't really be a measure of how many moments you can attempt to create. It's still kind of abstract though as moments can be infinitely small so maybe you can have a whole bunch of short lived moments but I want something lasting... something that calms me... and that I can understand that I'm happy at the moment... and after... because it's usually one or the other... I will say making that impulsive move out to Hawaii makes me smile simply for the shear craziness of it all. I didn't really think of it like this... nor would I have forseen that this would be my hindsight view but there's something appealing about it... that in a few short hours I decided to change everything.

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  1. Just wanted to say whats up Dave. Hope the transition is going smooth. I see you got a place, I hope your happy with it. Trust me your place is nice, compared to where I was staying most of the time in Aruba (the cockroaches were humungus, and the room was small and it pretty much was just a bed, a stove, a sink, and a toilet, all in one tiny room).

    So you make any friends out there yet? Must get lonely...howr the locals?

    Anyways, yea i've finally come full circle back to Jersey btw...Just studying right now for my USMLE step 1 exam (losing my mind in the process)..but yea i think i'm actually glad that i'm back for good..I met a lot of cool ppl and had some extraoridary experiences on my little journeys, but in the end I wouldnt trade the friends/experiences I have in NJ for the new ones. I'm saying this all in hindsight tho, and I probably wouldnt have been able to say this if I hadn't taken that plunge into the unknown..I guess in time, you might also realize that all you need to make you happy is right back home in Jersey...

    Well time to get back to studying for me. Keep living la vida loca man, just be safe and look after your possessions. Alrite buddy take it easy.