Sunday, September 13, 2009

Muanawili Trail (Pali to Waimanalo)

See that ridge on the left. I'm headed along this whole range towards there.
Trails: Muanawili Trail
Distance: 9.3 miles (according to the sign); 8.9 miles according to my data; 10.2 miles from the Pali Hwy lookout to the closest bus stop in Waimanalo

Elevation Gain: about 500 ft
Hiking time: a little under 4 hours at a fast pace
Area: Kailua, Pali Hwy
Trailhead: Pali Lookout - north bound towards Kailua along hairpin turn. Same as Likeke hike
Trailhead Coordinates: N21 21.867 W157 46.826
Sights: Kaneohe Bay in the distance, Waimanalo
Directions via bus: Take 56 or 57 from Ala Moana. Take the first stop after the haripin turn, which will bring you to the intersection of the Pali and Kamehameha Highway. Walk back along the Pali to the first Pali on the North bound side.
Directions via car: Take the Pali north, along the hairpin turn, park at the lookout.
Recommendations for hike: Some light sunscreen, sneakers or boots, bug spray. Some raingear depending on forecast
Trail Conditions: Muddy along a foothill

The yellow is Maunawili Trail. The gray afterwards is the walk to the closest bus stop in Waimanalo.

This is only the yellow portion marked in the map above.

So today I set to go from the Pali to Waimanalo via the Maunawili Trail. This is the same starting point as my Likeke hike. The terrain is easy but it's a long trail. It just tested my patience. There aren't too many sights and I wouldn't really recommend it unless you are just trying to complete as many different hikes as you can. There really isn't much to see. The entire hike follows the range and it hugs the mountain at a relatively low altitude. You'll find multiple oppurtunites to catch a nice view of Kaneohe. It reminded me of the Likeke hike. It constantly goes into a gulch and climbs out.
Along the trail you will frequent the scent of strawberry guaves which was a nice surprise here and there. The trail is clearly marked but there are sections where it is overgrown with plants. Sometimes it was difficult to see the ground but it didn't pose a problem.
Enjoy the pics!

Soon after you start, you'll see this sign with some stairs to the right of it. The stairs will bring you to the Likeke Trail. Stay left.
Soon after you'll come across this.
Some strawberry guaves along the way. Hungry?

A couple of miles in you'll see this sign that leads down to Maunawili Falls. I'll be back to access the falls via this route.
Not quite sure what this is. Just noticed it from one of the open spots along the trail.
Kaneohe in the distance

Some interesting clouds

The look back. Amazing how the weather changes so quickly.

Where's the trail? It's easier to see when you're on it.

One of the few interesting things I saw along the trail. There was a small section with these. Only saw 4 or 5 flowers.

About 7 miles in, I approached this along the path. At first I thought I'd have to turn back. I was able to climb over.

Which way? You'll come across this about 7 - 8 miles in.  I took the middle path. I'll be back to take the rope up the ridge at a later time. 
Almost there. View of Waimanalo.

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  1. Great pics. I live in Maunawili but I've never seen it like this.