Sunday, September 6, 2009

Koko Head Trail - Short Variation

Trails: Koko Head Trail (Short Version) - not Koko Crater
Distance: Just under 3 miles round trip
Elevation Gain: 600 or so ft
Hiking time: under 2 hours
Area: Hawaii Kai - East end of Island - Hanauma Bay Ridge
Trailhead: Hanuma Bay Entrance
Trailhead Coordinates:Sights: Hanauma Bay, Koko Crater, Hawaii Kai Marina, Diamond Head
Directions via bus: Take the 22 to the entrance to Hanauma Bay or any bus to Hawaii Kai and walk up Kalanianeole Rd to Hanauma Bay.
Directions via car: Take H1 East, past Diamond Head into Hawaii Kai. Continue straight and it will eventually become Kalanianeole Rd. It will go uphill, curving left. On the right, you'll find the entrance to Hanauma Bay. Go down and park and walk back up to the entrance.
Recommendations for hike: Sunscreen!!!. There's no shade so make sure you have sunscreen and some sunglasses and/or hat (becareful of the strong winds though). Though it can be done in slippers, I would recommend sneakers. Some of the terrain is loose and rocky along the steeper parts. Boots are unnecessary. Water. No need for bug spray.

Elevation profile is for trip to and back.

This trail goes around the the right (looking out from the bay) side of Hanauma Bay. From the entrance of Hanauma Bay, you'll see a gated access road. It will have a no trespassing sign. This is the entrance.
Today we only hiked the shortest path to the end and back. You can wind around and hike a loop if you wish which adds another 1-2 miles. The hike is very open, the beginning part is on an access road. The hike was nice and different. It's very breezy along the ridge.
It starts of as a casual uphill along the access road. Then you vear off to a dirt path on the left. Here you'll traverse along the ridge and you begin a descent to Koko Head. Just be sure footed and step slow. There is loose dirt, rocks everywhere and it's relatively steep.
You can continue all the way down to the shoreline. Climbing down some various rock formations carved out by the ocean. There's a short rope at one point which will help you down and get back up. The view is great from the end point. I noticed someone fishing there. It's just great to watch the waves crash into the rocks. You're still at least 40 ft above the water.

Koko Head Crater from the trail.

Hanauma Bay from above

The ridge we're going to hike.

Part of the descent

My friend Nicole. Ain't she cute.

Me being silly.

I'm headin down there

Nicole chilling out

A rope is my friend

End point

Wonder how different the landscape looked in 1934

Panoramic shot from one of the higher points. Koko Head Crater in the back.

Ocean view from the end.

Looking back from the end. You'll see Nicole in the upper right.

Another of Hanauma Bay w/ sunshine

This was at Hanauma Bay. Not quite sure what it was. Reminded me of a muskrat.

Bird chillin on my stomach at Hanauma Bay beach. He/she was begging for food. I rewarded him/her for his/her courage and boldness.

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