Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Koko Crater Stairs

Trails: Koko Crater Stairs
Distance: About 1.2 miles round trip

Elevation Gain: 1200 ft or so
Hiking time: under 2 hours (1 hour an 45 mins, I took plenty of small breaks). If you're in good shape you can do this in 45 mins or so. There were people running up and down this.
Area: Hawaii Kai - East end of Island
Trailhead: Koko Head Regional Park
Trailhead Coordinates: N21 16.821 W157 41.513
Sights: Hanauma Bay, Koko Crater, Hawaii Kai Marina, Diamond Head
Directions via bus: Take the 22 to the entrance to Hanauma Bay, cross Kalanianeole Rd and there will be an access road leading to Koko Head Regional Park.
Directions via car: Take H1 East, past Diamond Head into Hawaii Kai. Continue straight and it will eventually become Kalanianeole Rd. Take a left on Lunalilo Home Rd and  make a right onto Anapalau St which becomes Koko Head Park Rd and lead into the park.
Recommendations for hike: Sunscreen!!!. There's no shade so make sure you have sunscreen and some sunglasses and/or hat (becareful of the strong winds though). Sneakers or boots.

Elevation profile is for round trip.

This is a popular hike among locals and tourists. It climbs Koko Crater in Hawaii Kai which is adjacent to Hanauma Bay and Koko Head. This particular hike is a straight climb along an old rail track. It's short but intense. 1048 steps as indicated on the first plank. Its tough, exhausting, and totally worth it. I'm glad I made it. If I'm ever going to do "Stairway to Heaven" Hike (4 times the length and stairs), I'll have to build up my endurance.

View from the bottom
Going up the trestle. Was a bit nerve wrecking at first. You can actually go around the side but that wouldn't be any fun.
Looking down.
This is the top of that crossing. It's from that guy to me.
View from the top

View down from the top of the stairs.

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