Monday, September 28, 2009

Laie Falls Trail

Trails: Laie Falls Trail
Distance: 8 miles round trip to Laie Falls and back
Elevation Gain: about 1400 ft
Hiking time: about 4 hours
Area: Laie around the Mormon Temple
Trailhead: Laie Park
Trailhead Coordinates: Laie Falls Entrance N21 38.997 W157 55.939
Sights: Laie Falls
Directions via bus: Take the 55 from Ala Moana Center to Laie, past the Polynesian Cultural Center, past about 4 streets. Enter the North side of Naniloa Loop and make a right onto Poohalli St. It takes about 1 1/2 hours.

Directions via car: Take H1 to Likeke or Pali Highway northward. Take Kamehameha Highway up the windward coast. Follow it all the way up, past the Polynesian Cultural Center. Enter the North side of Naniloa Loop and make a right onto Poohalli St. Alternatively you can take Naniloa Loop and pass the Mormon Temple on the left and at the circle, go around and go onto Poohalli St. Park at Laie Park. Follow the road up. It's about an hour drive.
Recommendations for hike: Sunscreen, bug repellent, plenty of water. Though manageable in my walking shoes, hiking boots are highly recommended.
Trail Conditions:A bit muddy at parts especially near the falls. Narrow paths but no real danger. Not very steep.

Round trip profile

So today I set out on another waterfall hike. This one is on the windward side close to the Northern most point. It's quite a trip to get out there. It's in the small town of Laie which is populated with a lot of Mormons since Bringham Young University is right there.

Getting to the trailhead can be a little confusing. You do need to obtain permission to access the trail though but no one really checks when your up there. After parking, head up towards where it says no trespassing. Follow the road up and it'll curve to the left. You'll see a distinct piece of property with all these warnings (see pics below). To the left of that is another side road. That's the one you want. From there, you'll see signs to the trail head.

So I met this guy there and we just hike together. This trail is pretty straightforward and relatively easy. The hike is an even slow climb. It's not steep and it's not very dangerous.We were able to hold conversation most of the hike so it's not to difficult. It's just a bit long, about 4 miles to the falls. The trail actually extends a couple of more miles to a summit but I started at 1:30 pm and after taking a quick dip in the pool, there wasn't much time left.
The waterfall was trickling when I went. Not too impressive. The falls was at max 20 ft high. The pool is deep enough to swim in and the deepest part was about 8-9 ft Not bad. Water wasn't too clear. It just wasn't flowing enough.

Some interesting signs. Either a crazy veteran or crazy local. Who knows. Apparently they don't want to be disturbed.
Some more signs. I didn't get a picture of it but another said that if you are shot and wounded you would be shot and killed.

 Some of the views along the trail

Looking back

Most of the trail is like this. A narrow path along guava tress.

Laie Falls

This is looking down from the same spot where the above picture of the waterfall was taken. It leads down to another small pool and goes a little further.


Might try Sacred Falls next. It's gonna be another 2 weeks though.

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