Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm back

wow... what a trip... just wanted everyone one to know i'm back. Had an overall great time. Fantastic views of remote areas... places you wouldn't know of if you just drove around... most were very peaceful... was fun... I definitely go back to some of those places. I didn't have much of a chance to enjoy them... had to keep moving. Probably go back and stay awhole day at a place... really get to experience it. Other times were tough... just being on my own.. and also living outside... it seemed like a good idea... but sleeping on the beach has its own issues...still haven't had any good sleep and gotta wait til tonight.. otherwise i can't get back into a regular schedule... plus all the walking... the thing bout an adventure... most of it is just determination and patience... not exciting all the time. anyway...

I'm going to post some info about the trip later but I wanted to mention the above... oh yeah... so as I started off, I realized I didn't bring my camera. Must of been worried about everything else I needed. So I bought 2 disposables. Halfway throug the day I used the first one and started the second. After checking later, I had lost it. So I bought 3 more disposables. Unfortunately, I lost the third and fourth one too. I have this easy access pocket that I used for my camera and map. I often took out my map without taking off my bag and it must have dropped out. Didn't realize what was happening til I lost the second one. Think I just left the third one somewhere. Well I have the better picks on the 2 that are left but you can read about everything later.

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  1. Hey Dave,

    The widget I used is just called "Blog List". When you edit it you can give it any title you wish.