Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So... i held a baby for the second time... interesting experience. First time was Yvonne's daughter, Rebecca (sorry Yvonne if I misspelled that). I always thought the term was second cousin but it's actually first cousin once removed. I was always confused about how that all works. Good thing there's wiki. Getting off topic as usual. Anyway, so I held Nicole's nephew this past weekend. Her brother, Chuck, kinda just layed him out on me. His name is Teldyn. Now I'm not one for babies. I was uncomfortable enough holding Rebecca last year. I didn't know what to do. Was worried that I would "break" her. Quite honestly, it wasn't all that entertaining either. I just kept on asking "what now?"

With Teldyn it was a bit different. Initially, I thought... what are you doing Chuck? I'm sure everyone got a kick out of my nervousness. This time around, I found myself interacting a bit more... talking to the baby. Yeah I know, he doesn't understand me but none the less, just a person to comment to. He was really squirmy and kicking around. Felt a bit insecure and continually questioned if I was holding him correctly. He lacks motor control and still can't hold his head straight. That's where I came in. Fortunately he didn't cry. Every time I thought he was I tried to distract him. It seemed to work but (negating everything that precedes the word in the sentence...) then again, i'm not sure if he was even going to cry. It seemed like a really long drawn out moment... probably only 5 - 10 mins though. Soon enough... mommy to the rescue. Rescuing me rather than the baby.

Cute kid. Not quite ready for a kid. Still rather have a dog. A pepper coated border collie would be cool or a Siberian huskie. Well the latter wouldn't be suitable for here. Maybe in Alaska. Then again, if I ever settled in Alaska and had enough land, I'd be interested in getting a true wolf dog. Better yet, get to know some wolves. Wouldn't want to own any... don't think it would work... and i'm not trying to domesticate any. However, being able to approach a pack and interact, even if it is to a limited degree, would be interesting. Of topic once again. Babies... still don't know what to make of them... as I said interesting experience...

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