Wednesday, July 8, 2009

3 Day Hike: Afterthoughts

So falling back to reality... it's too sudden to go back to the day to day. Sunday, after getting back around 3 p.m. I was just trying to stay awake long enough to get back on a regular schedule... looking at my personal finances... figuring what I need for the apartment... making sure I knew Monday's work schedule... and the Monday.

I was so restless and a bit lost. The constant thought of how boring it was haunted my mind... thoughts of what I can do for a job and truly enjoy... always think of dogs and working with them... but I wouldn't be able secure any profession that I could be stable with... so maybe something part time. Even thought of something more extreme... working with wolves... I've always been fascinated by them. Many studying them or assisting in studying them... I'd have to search at someone who would be willing to support me in terms of shelter and food. I'd imagine it's rare though but I'd like an upclose and personal look into it... not something like legislation protecting them though I believe in that.

Anyway, I'm transitioning back to a normality...

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