Monday, March 2, 2009

Traveling Delays

So it was good being back in Jersey but I'll touch on that later. Thanks everyone for coming out.

So first my flight this morning is canceled and i'm rerouted to a stop in Denver as opposed to San Fran. Not a big deal only like a half hour difference between departures. Now I'm stuck in Denver International Airport right now. So everyone is boarded on the flight that was supposed to leave at 11:40 am or so and we're waiting there. Apparently there's a fuel leak in the left fuel tank but they say they can fix it... so everyone waits for 30 mins or so and then they announce they'll have a decision in an hour... but we can't deboard yet. They a half hour later they say we can deboard temporarily and when we come back... the flights canceled.... jeez... fortunately they got another plane and it's gonna leave at 2:40 p.m.... anyway... hope everyone else is having a better day...

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