Monday, March 16, 2009

My brother's married

Congratulations Al and Mel. The wedding was amazing. The Palace is so nice and everyone can tell that so much planning and effort went into it to make it as perfect as possible. You two really deserve each other.

I had a lot of fun... it was a bit hectic... didn't realize i had to organize the events as the best man... guess next time i'll know... good thing Caroline was there doing her thing... she's a bit crazy but that's what added to the fun...

I think my favorite part was just catching up with some people that I haven't talked in a long time... like Bianca... and just catchin up with Will. I'm glad they made it. Also Mai Lee, Jay, and Michael... never get to talk to them enough.

Gotta go. Flights boarding... already missed my last connecting flight... can't miss another.

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