Saturday, March 28, 2009

Skydive Hawaii

Life is good... this was so fun... . The view is amazing... you get to see North Shore and the mountains on the other side. We jumped from about 12000-14000 ft. I gotta get certified... i need to jump on my own. Still thinking about it... so expensive.. plus the gear... but they said that people just make the money back by doing coach jumps or being the camera man and stuff. Plus if I did that... then the classes and equipment are an expense and I could write it off... a small factor to consider. And the guys at the place do this for a living... I got a video but it's too big a file to upload. Let me know if anyone wants it and we'll figure a way to transfer it over.
For anyone who hasn't done it, you gotta try. There was this girl from Denmark who was scared as hell before we went up... after she landed, all she wanted to do is go again. It's amazing!

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