Thursday, March 26, 2009


You gotta be kidding me... so i go into to HR block.. thinking it was gonna cost me something like a hundred bucks to get my taxes done... yeah i know... i should just do it myself... but i really just wanted it done quickly... so anyway after sitting there for about an hour and a half... going through numbers and stuff... i ask for an estimate... $447 so far and it isn't even done... apparently they charge per entry... each w2... 1099... 1099int.. dividend and so on... such bs... fortunately at that point i was just able to walk out.. no charge.... but jeez... still pissed about it... what a rip off...


  1. damn wu you better get your tax done soon!!! but $447 is alot even tho i payed 250 because of Jersey & New york and all other things.... Yeah I would just do it myself if it cost that much

  2. Hey! Remember me from Q-Time? Your favorite bartender? lol
    I hope your enjoying Hawaii! James gave me your blog info. I'll be visiting my sister in Honolulu for the first two weeks of April, so if you're up for pool or drinks let me know!

  3. Hey Tenille, just hit me up when you get here and we'll grab some drinks or something... 908 656 2286. Later