Friday, March 12, 2010

Passing moments

Earlier today I was on the bus from the Beaver Creek Village down to the Elk Lot, where my mini had been patiently waiting for half the day. It's often a packed sardine can around 4 p.m. as skiiers and boarders, locals and tourists alike, fill every void possible, not wanting to wait for the next bus down to the lots. It's filled with random banter about people's vacations, other ski areas, crazy stunts that highlighted the day...  bragging or lying about 20 ft cliff drops, foreign park slang... kids staring around... a mother telling her daughter to watch her massively large backpack so she doesn't bump into anyone... confusion of what lot someone parked in...

I've gotten comfortable with it but some reason, this ride was different. I found myself, rather than complacently amused, my mind randomly firing... shut up, shut up, no one cares, keep it to yourself. Instead of an interesting story from one friend to another, I see one friend so desperate for attention and seeking the other's approval. A child's curiosity and ignorance becomes a personal annoyance. Some girls' debate of where to go out tonight... well does it matter so much... or are you so indecisive that you need to spend that long discussing it? The general mood was set.... people don't care enough about anything and their lives are filled with trivial details of entertainment.

Later (now), I relook at this... my introspective psycho babble is no better.... if any of them were to hear my rants and raves, I would understand their perspective of it being so trivial... that I should be concerned with what's in front of me, rather than some analytical ill-logic attempt to justify and rationalize my own actions and thoughts. Perhaps that's the wrong realization. I should move to a lighter view... that those things are important to them. Still... I can't imagine or understand why they would be important to them. It seems like such nonsense. I guess it's better to care about trivial things than nothing at all... not in my mind though. I suppose I'm just narrow minded... how about focused... that sounds much better... either way you look at it... it's all the same. There's some of my focused-ness again.

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  1. Tell uncle Pete I said hi. Just caught up and read your latest posts.

    You should get a job as a writer dude. I can never stick with this stuff.'ll be entertained by the fact that Connor and I are playing "Streets of Rage" on the wii.