Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Glimpses of the present

It's long overdue but the reason I haven't posted anything is that nothing's really new with me. Still working at the Beaver Creek Tubing Hill, some part time work for PERCH, and skiing and snowboarding. I've got into a lax routine, waking up late on my days off (and working days since I don't have to be in til noon), heading to the mountain late, and skiing for just a couple of hours. Before this year, if I had an opportunity to ski, it would be from the open of the lift til about 4 pm. I suppose I'm spoiled, having such convenient access to the mountain. Like today, did some remote work, then decided I wanted to see what the mountain was like. Rushed out, found some parking, skied 4 runs and done.

Still taking Tai Chi classes... no real progression other than memorizing patterns and movements. I'm supposed to be using energy from my body rather than my arms... I don't quite get it... how am I supposed to push with energy from my body through my hands? It's a mystery to me. It's worse when he says to focus and imagine your hand moving towards a persons stomach... it just complicates things for me. Eh... well I'll go through the motion and hope it comes around.

As for my next adventure, it pops in and out of my mind. Anchorage seems to be the most prominent vision... I'm not sure why... something about experiencing 20 hours of light in the summer and 20 hours of darkness in the winter.... it just seems interesting. Plus in Anchorage, I'm never to far from nature. Even here in the mountains, it's a bit too remote... and I still haven't hiked yet. I considered Vegas but those who know me, know that's a bad choice. I don't quite have the confidence yet to go outside the U.S. I would really need someone to invite me first... or go to Canada cause I'll be close enough to the U.S... but who wants to go there. I might if I drive to Anchorage.... 60 hours!!! 

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