Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowmass, Colorado

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So I went out my way a bit to go to another ski mountain, Snowmass, to go skiing with someone new, Jen. She's originally from Colombia but recently lived in Miami and now here for an extended stay. The drive was a bit long but I passed some interesting areas. Glenwood Canyons along Interstate 70 stood out. When heading West, it's this windy canyon a bit past the Eagle area. The driving was fun and there were some tunneled sections. Didn't stop so I don't have any pics. I was just trying to get through the slight snowfall.

Anyway, Snowmass Village, is just another ski area. Shops and restaurant are slope side and there seems to be plenty of construction. Plenty of amenities at the base, but not quite as nice as Vail or Beaver Creek.

View from one of the bases at Snowmass

I can't really say much about the skiing. Jen's a beginner so we stayed on the easier trails. The conditions were decent and a lite snowfall came to play as the day progressed. It's always refreshing when it snows. Towards the end of the day, the clouds really rolled in and visibility dropped significantly. I could only see a couple dozen yards ahead of me, and the light was so flat, that made even the largest moguls seem groomed. We caught a interesting scene riding the lift up.
At first it seemed like a giant spotlight peering through the clouds.
I've never seen the sun like this. Pretty amazing!

After a short day, we grabbed some drinks. Soon after I parted ways. It was good timing. As I approached the parking lot, the sun had already gone, and a faint luminance remained. On the walk way, sat this cat, or so I thought. I noticed that it had an awkwardly large tail but didn't think much of it. Then it started to approach me, cautiously circumventing my left side on to a snow bank.

A fox! I was so happy to see this guy. This was the highlight of my day! Sorry Jen.
I wonder what it's night vision is like.

After a brief (I use the term very loosely), I'm back at my uncle's place at Avon. I imagine I'll have more days like this, running around Colorado, checking out more ski spots. Since I can't hike, this will by my new topic of discussion for future blogs. I'm going to try to ski all ski mountains in Colorado! There's 27 of them. Let's hope I can afford it.

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