Monday, January 11, 2010

Cleaning Out

So been cleaning out my stuff at my 'rents place. Over the weekend, it's been papers and other crap. I still have notes and stuff from high school!!! And all my college books that I wasn't able to sell back. Jeez... just a lot of crap neatly stowed away in my closet.

I'm keeping with this whole minimalistic approach and traveling light. If I'm going to be jumping around for the next at least 5 years, well I don't need excess baggage. Plus in general, I want to minimize my desire for things so I don't get to this point again. Little trinkets, like dunnies are gone.... dvds that I bought and have no intention of watching again though they are good movies... they'll soon be gone.... old magic cards.... school material, old boxes that I kept in case of returns (this piled up to 4 of those paper boxes that hold like 12 reems of copier paper)... old working computers... old dead computers... (spent a whole day, fixing what I could to give away)... loads of computer parts that have been outdated for quite some time already... tons of CD (hundreds) backups and burned music CDs, which has taken me so much time to consolidate onto a hard drive.... still working on it intermittently. So much junk!

Today is clothes.... after organizing my closet.... 31 dress shirts!!! Jeez... all varying colors (slightly) or textures.

Do I really need all this? Unfortunately I can't eliminate based on what doesn't fit or has holes or discolorations. They are all wearable...


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