Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weaving a web

So everyone has a story to tell.... everyone I have met has their own unique story... often including their idea life... how it unexpectedly changed... and for the better... what they've learned... how they've grown. That's the basic template.

Me... I reluctantly say that I follow that template... though I hope to share a story not so common... out of the box... a bit more adventurous. Rather, I hope that I don't have to share but that people will talk about it. That isn't the intention but rather how I would like it to play out. I want to see the world... because there is so much to see... I want to experience so many different things... experience that which most do not have a chance to experience. I want to make that chance occur. I think I can do it all and though it's a young outlook on life, I want to embrace it. I want to live in paradise (check)... be a ski bum (soon enough)... learn different cultures (a bit further down the road)... and absorb the best of everywhere I go. I want to see the world from a perspective that most have not been able... to sit on top of Denali and peer through the clouds.... come across a pack of wolves, comfortably without fear... swim with some dolphins not because I'm paying some tourist company but because I want to and they want to.... live in various states... whether rich, poor, peaceful, or chaotic... because people are trying to survive and enjoy what they have and respect what they wish for.

The comforts we have... what we consider basic necessities... well not all of us... but I know... I... take it for granted. Though I only have a peering view of it... I still take it for granted... not fully understanding what taking it for granted means. It doesn't mean that some of us have not earned the right to take it for granted. Many of us work hard so we can achieve those goals... enjoy the luxuries... but those of us born into that level of comfort... well we know nothing else. We may still strive to maintain that status, however how can we understand to the same degree as those who gave it to us? People may argue (myself included) that we should utilize those to achieve more... hence the progression of success... often measured by wealth in our society.... accept the basic comforts we have as necessity so we can gain more. Maybe it's a more puristic sense in me... but shouldn't we have an understanding of what was initially achieved or does that impede our progression, as an individual and as a coherent society? Well if we all sat in awe of what we have... well I feel that we would be content and not try to pursue...

These are the questions I want to find peace with.... along with many others... and only with more perspective can I find a justifiable answer... rather a justifiable life style... something to live by... in the mean time, I look to capture life.

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