Monday, October 12, 2009

Random thoughts on losing items and donating blood

So, I was just thinking, as usual, about everything that I've lost this past year. I mean an object that I've physically lost. Then I began to list the things I've broken as well. It's a lot of stuff!!! So here it is

Bicycle - Stolen
Moped - Stolen
Old Phone - lost (on a bus)
Electronic cigarette - broken
Sunglasses - lost (I think at Hanauma Bay)
Coffee pot - broken
Drinking glasses 2 - broken
Office and apartment keys - lost
Candle holder that I won playing a game at a baby shower - I broke this within 2 hours
2 disposable cameras - on my backpacking trip
Ear bud headphones

I'm sure there is more that I'm forgetting. I'm not accident prone but jeez... wtf. Guess I'm just aloof and careless. Fortunately they are just objects. Maybe that's why I don't have much stuff. I break or lose everything. My mentality now of being a minimalist  suits me. :)

Is donating blood good for you?
On another note, I donated blood today. I expected to be lite headed. When I was in high school, I was washing some dishes and one of the bowls broke in my hand. The base of my thumb jammed into the ceramic side and hit the bone. I remembering losing a lot of blood and when I sat down on the couch, this lite headed feeling like I was going to feint. Mom said I was probably going into shock so I suppose it was a combination of rapid blood loss and seeing it. I thought it might be something like that after but I felt fine. So I have this idea that by donating blood it will help filter out any unnatural and unwanted materials in my system. Just like constantly diluting a solution. I suppose it will remove the good cells and such but those will be naturally replaced. I need a way to measure it though and what would I measure. Hemoglobin, iron, cholesterol.... but all these can vary depending on my diet and exercise. Right?

Okay after some quick research. It doesn't help with your cholesterol as your body will regulate it and produce more to replace the lost cholesterol, as indicated in this article. I question if all types of cholesterol are replenished to the original rate though.

Another article, ( reflects it helps prevent iron overload. I'm lead to believe that this will help with any other substance that your body does not produce and builds up in your system. Though I'm sure our body can regulate them to a degree and expunge any unnecessary minerals or substances. This one supports the above:

Now I'm not sure. Of course there's the benefit of helping someone else but that's not my primary reason. Just a bonus. 

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