Sunday, October 18, 2009

Search for Mo'ole trail

The green part is just hiking to and from. Unfortunately the bus doesn't go around the starting point.


So today I set out to find a trail that has hardly any references. I found a couple, the main ones I used are:

It's in the Nuuanu Reservoir area. On the Northern side of the Pali Highway before the tunnel to Kailua. So I started out at the last stop up the Pali Highway. Walked up the Pali... not fun... no sidewalk and hardly any shoulder.... it's open though and the curves are gentle so cars could see me. Anyway... so I get to the second intersection of Nuuanu Pali Drive and Pali Highway. This is where the highway cuts through the old road. 

So after crossing the highway, I follow the fence North, looking for an entrance. There's an irrigation ditch along the highway. At one point the irrigation ditch passes below the fence. Bingo... there's my trail head.

So after entering, I find a couple of pink ribbons but for the most part, the trail is not marked. Following my senses, to the left, I come across a trail which leads me to a dry irrigation ditch. I wasn't sure if I was on the right trail but after crossing there was a path along the ditch. Eventually I came across a pipe which I thought was what the articles were describing. As I went around and followed the dry stream bed. It split and I stayed in the middle to follow the left stream. I walked along the dry stream bed for quite some time. Ducking under branches, climbing over others, climbing out of the stream bed only to return to it and follow it up. 


So just some pics along the way. It's really just me wandering around in the wood for 2 hours.

Fallen tree... would make a good shelter if it had rained.


So this was my final destination. Not much. I imagine if there was some heavy rainfall it would be a nice tiered fall but not today.

After getting back and looking at the data, I find that I was following Makuku Stream. I never found the proper ditch. I should have immediately crossed Makuku Stream. I'm not sure where I went wrong but I'll be heading back. I think I"ll just follow the stream.

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