Monday, August 3, 2009


Okay so I've been a bit sick lately. Nothing major. Started earlier in the week. Slightly congested. Friday got a slight temp though... no worries... bed rest and significantly better now. Still slightly congested like in the beginning. Almost full circle. That's not the point of the post though.

So on Saturday, I was on my way to Kapiolani park. It was a little after noon.... I had been in the apartment for the past day and a half. Needed to go out. Still had a slight fever... thought some sun would to do me some good. As I was walking on Kuhio.... I pull out my pack of cigarettes... 3 left... i gotta buy another pack. Normal thought process when I'm down to a couple of cigs.
Thinking about that now, it's odd how we condition ourselves. Like a couple of weeks back... more like a month. We were waiting for some food outside of this restaurant Phuket Thai in a Mililani town center. It's in an outdoor mini mall. I light a cigarette and then realize that there's no smoking in the area. Well actually first looked around and so a large population of families and kids.... so wanted to go to the parking lot to finish... then realized i wasn't supposed to be smoking. So I stroll on to the parking lot maybe 50 ft away and finish my cigarette. The point of the story, it didn't even cross my mind to just put out the cigarette and have it some other time. I HAD to have it then. As always.... I digress. going back to my original story.... do i? I'll make this my last 3... it was a casual though... one that has never held any truth in the past. For one reason or another, it's stuck... now for those who want me to quit... don't get so excited. It might just be some anomaly... cause nothing's really changed in my mind... don't know why the sudden brash change in mindset. It wasn't because I was sick... I've smoked through the worst fevers, colds, bronchitis... and whatever minor illnesses I've had in the past 10 years... It puzzles me further why this time around, every thought about going to buy a pack is quickly opposed with a conscience... impeding me from actually doing so. Normally, I wouldn't have a conscience about it and the rare moments that I had were quickly dismissed. I suppose I'm just trying something new... or possibly losing my mind... they say any sudden change in mannerism or mood is often an alert for
It partially has to do with a product I bought, an electronic cigarette. It's a nicotine inhaler that mimics the feel of smoking. The distinction is that it has a vaporizer which gives for the added effect of inhaling and exhaling vapor. Nothing is burning though. It's called the NJOY Npro. Link It's the closest thing to a cigarette that I could find. I originally tried it a couple months back as a way to cut down on my cigarette intake. But I soon lost it... it dropped down an elevator shaft and my building wanted $200 something for some to go look for it. A new kit would have been cheaper. Retail for a bit over $100. It came with 2 batteries so I still had one. What I really needed as the vaporizer or atomizer piece which at the time was not sold separately. Now it is and I picked one up last week. I'm not really cutting down on nicotine though. In fact I might be getting more. I can go through a cartridge per day. The fact that it's smokeless allows me to smoke it anywhere.. which is convenient.. but also allows me to smoke it anytime... which I tend to overdue now. We'll see... I'll let you know when I buy a pack of cigarettes. Some may be thinking by saying that I'm already going to do so and hence guaranteeing my failure to quit.


  1. It's funny/curious that NJOY doesn't even market itself as a quitting tool but rather as a way for people to smoke MORE. If you're serious about quitting, you may want to limit your NJOY use to places where real cigarettes are allowed. That's, of course, if you actually want to quit. ;)

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