Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ruffles Wu

So, where to begin it's been over a year since I last wrote... and what have I been doing... well not so much of anything. I have a dog!!! Ruffles!!! On June 12th my friend Joe Deguzman and I ended up going to the Best Friends' Foundation pet adoption at the Livingston mall. I had been thinking about getting a dog and for the most part avoided the thought because I wasn't really situated yet... I didn't want the responsibility... and I didn't think I could give a dog the life I'd want to give him/her. Nonetheless, that day I went home with a dog...


This his before I even decided at the pet adoption drive... he's a funny looking guy. He was like 35 lbs back then. Just a good ol' mutt.

 Ruffles at the vet a week later
 He doesn't seem to happy there but look at those big floppy ears!!!!

So he's been occupying most of my time now. He's a solid 60 lbs, loves to run and wrestle with other dogs, chase squirrels and chipmunks (sorry Nicole. Look at this way, he loves chipmunks too!!). He's very attached and so am I. We go on hikes (not really a hike compared to my hikes in Hawaii) in the local reservation, the dog park and just chill at home like so....

And like I said he likes looking for chipmunks....

and running in the snow. Sorry can't upload the video it's too big. Either way I think you get the point, we spend a lot of time together.

 Ruffles Puppyupolous or so I like to call him.

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