Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sunrise at Koko Head Crater

For details and technical data of this hike, please see my prior posts. Go to the my hiking guide via the labels on the right and it will be listed.

So since I was up a 3:00 am to drive my friend and her family to the airport, I decided to go back to Koko Crater to catch the sunrise. Got there at 5 am.... so tired... complete darkness... fortunately I just did the hike last week so I'm pretty familiar with the area. Still took me 40 minutes to get up there. Not getting any faster and still need to take a lot of breaks... I'm trying to prepare for Haiku stairs which is about 4000 steps and a gain of 2800 ft. We'll see.

I had a chance to see Molokai in the distance and a nice sunrise! I was talking with a guy, Shawn, up there. Every day he hikes up and watches the sunrise. He's done it for a couple of weeks now. It's the simple things you do that make life enjoyable.

Thought this was pretty cool. Don't know how I got this effect. It's like the city is evaporating!!

Same area as above but daytime.

Hanauma Bay right before sunrise

Looking past Sandy's beach just before sunrise.
First sight of the sun, rising up from behind Molokai

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