Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"The Eddie" at Waimea Bay 2009

The Eddie is a invitation only surf competition held on Oahu's North Shore at Waimea Bay. I is not held every year and is in the memory of Eddie Aikau. It is held by Quicksilver only when the waves are big enough. There's a lot of information on hi on the web. Check out http://live.quiksilver.com/2009/eddie/history.php?btn_history=_over for more information.

So Tuesday morning at work. I've never gotten into the surf culture just cause I never got into surfing but I've been meeting to hit up the North Shore to watch. I heard that they might be having The Eddie this week. It's big news on the island. Enough that hordes of people are calling out of work, I imagine a lot of the surf shops are closed, and enough to create a major traffic jam in and out of the north shore. Since it's not held every year and I'm going to be leaving soon = once in a lifetime chance to see this competition!

So after sorting things out with the therapist for the rest of the day... I'm off! Pick up some water and food and wait at the bus. While at the station, started talking to this guy, Craig, from Scotland. He just arrived yesterday night and was going to The Eddie. Pretty nice guy and we shared some stories. So 30 minutes or so and I get a call from Dori, she's on her way up. Sweet! We meet in Kaneohe, dude from Scotland comes with us, and so begins the day.

After 2 more hours of driving and some walking we're there. Oh my god! It's ridiculous on the North Shore. Hordes is an understatement. The walk ways, beach, rocks, and practically everywhere was filled with people. After climbing down some steep rocks, we make our ways to the edge of the rocks. Those people on the beach thought they had a nice spot... yeah right. This was so close to the break. It's amazing to watch these guys conquer these walls of water!!! And just shows how powerful the ocean is!!

 This is at a beach on the way to Waimea
 Shark's Cove. People normally snorkel here.


 Ended up at that end point along the rocks.
 Told you it was crowded.



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