Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Searching for a place

So the past 3 days have been working immediately followed by searchin on craigslist for a place (a room or house share), playing a lot of phone tag who don't know how to do business, and biking from place to place.

Initially the search was a bit frustrating cause the places that turned up were these semi-ghetto unkept places. After 2 days, now I have 4 places to choose from that are from manageable to nice so here they are

1) $600, all utilities included , no AC, Wifi, cable with on premium (not really a factor); location - not bad, not great, roommates - a guy in his 40's who works here, was an alcoholic in the past but is clean now, likes to cook; the place - small room twin bed (not actually a room, he just put up a wall), very clean - he seems a bit of a neat freak; something odd about him though - he thinks we really get along and asked me to move in immediately - kinda a talkative guy if you get him started; it's an apartment building with mostly families in it; commute - about the same as now, 15 by bike, walking 30.

2)$700 all utilites included, no AC, wifi, basic cable; location - same as above with same commute; roommate so grad guy from Oregon and that I would not be able to meet until I move in since he is on vacation; the place is not as clean as the above but the room is bigger, more private and so is the common area, landlords are nice though

3) $675 all utitilities included, no AC, wifi, basic cable; location - nicer residential area, nice place, safe area, next to an elementary school, far from work - uphill climb coming back from work, not as bad as lorelei but longer distance; clean place unfurnished - roommates in my age group and similar situaions so that's a plus; kitchen is nicer than the other one, it's a house but has 5 rooms that are rented out but i don't think there will be much conflicts if we want to avoid each other

4) $800 all utilities, AC is room, 40th floor, highrise, wifi, cable, pool, gym, security, 5-10 min walk to work, nice area; the downside a bit more than i was hoping to spend a month; roomates - mostly professionals ranging in age group, one 60 year old guy, some my age that i didn't meet, kitchen will do. I think the first fragment says it all about this place.

So yeah i kinda set that up for everyone... and think i lead everyone to choose the one i would ... think i'm going with the $800. Just a bit concerned about financials but for $200 more than the cheaper place, i get to not live with a over friendly guy in his 40's plus all the amenities. Ya know, if i'm gonna be out here... i might as well go for the nicer place... right? Another problem is I've told number 2 that I would move in but haven't signed anything.. i really hate to back out because they are nice people... but hey... screw them... they can fend for themselves if they're renting out apartments. And the place in the residential area is nice... and will get me in shape but I think i'll get pretty sick of the commute really soon... it's probably like a 30 min bike ride to work. I think each are convinced that I'm a good choice and that I"m going to take the place though. Don't know if i'm playing them or they're playing me though.

Gonna make the decision by tomorrow afternoon. Any feedback would be nice. Should have taken some pictures. I'll just take some pictures from my new room on the 40th floor after i sign. Of yeah, they are all 6 month leases.

Hope everyone else is good. Talk to everyone later.

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